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5 Recommendations for the Cheapest and Highest Quality Suppliers of Women’s Accessories

5 Recommendations for the Cheapest and Highest Quality Suppliers of Women's Accessories

Women’s accessories are a business opportunity with a wide target market and promising profits. Come on, take a peek at some of the cheapest suppliers of women’s accessories in this article. 

Since the women’s fashion industry is becoming more modern and contemporary by adapting foreign  fashion trends , accessories are present as a complement to your appearance.

For fashion lovers, it feels incomplete if they don’t wear additional accessories such as rings, necklaces, bracelets and various other accessories. 

Not only adults, even teenagers and children also like to buy and collect accessories. 

The increasing market interest in women’s accessories is certainly a promising business field. 

For this reason, this article will discuss what you need to know about the cheapest suppliers of women’s accessories. 

What is the Cheapest Supplier of Women’s Accessories

Women’s accessories suppliers are parties who supply women’s accessories products at low prices so they can be distributed to product sellers such as resellers or dropshippers. 

The types of women’s accessories supplied by suppliers are very diverse, ranging from necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings, head scarves, and many other accessories. 

Generally, the products produced will follow accessories that are trendy at a certain time in order to meet the desires of the target market or customers.

As for resellers or dropshippers who take stock of goods sold from suppliers, of course they must also be able to find suppliers who supply women’s accessories at low prices but still of high quality.  

Recommendations for the Cheapest Supplier of Women’s Accessories at Evermos

If you already understand what is meant by the cheapest supplier of women’s accessories, now is the time for the Guide team to give you recommendations for suppliers of women’s accessories. 

You can find women’s accessories suppliers recommended by this Guide team on the Evermos application, which is a connected commerce platform that provides thousands of quality accessory products. 

The following are recommendations for the easiest suppliers of women’s accessories that you can use as a reference. 

1. – Women’s Hijab Brooch Accessories All Sizes

cheapest supplier of women's accessories
Source: Evermos Catalog

The first recommendation is the shop as a supplier of hijab brooch accessories or headscarves for women. 

A hijab brooch is a must-have accessory for hijab-wearing women who want to look stylish. provides hijab brooches with butterfly models decorated with beads, imitation gems and metal pins. 

With the right diameter, namely approximately 3 cm, it will enhance the appearance of a more fashionable hijab. 

The choice of models is also varied, from butterfly designs to pendants and beads on brooches. 

At, you can get these accessories at low prices, starting from just IDR 8,000. 

2. Kelambine – Contemporary Women’s Hijab Ring Brooch Accessories 

cheapest supplier of women's accessories
Source: Evermos Catalog

The next cheapest recommended supplier of women’s accessories is Kelambine which provides ring brooches for hijabs. 

Even though it was once forgotten in the fashion world because it was an ancient accessory, now hijab ring brooches are back in trend among fashion lovers. 

This hijab ring brooch is made from a combination of metal, pearls and zicron. With a size of 3×5 cm, this ring brooch will be suitable for hijabers to wear . 

There are many models of hijab ring brooches available, ranging from models of all the letters of the alphabet , flower models and many more.

As the cheapest supplier of women’s accessories, Kelambine sells hijab ring brooches specifically for resellers and dropshippers with prices starting from IDR 12,000. 

3. Cannies Stores ID – Premium Women’s Pendant Necklace 

cheapest supplier of women's accessories
Source: Evermos Catalog

A pendant necklace is an accessory that will make your appearance more perfect and fashionable. 

In fact, currently the pendant necklace trend is not only worn by women who do not wear the hijab, but also by hijabers.

At Evermos, you can find a supplier of premium sapphire pendant necklaces at Cannies Stores ID. 

This pendant necklace accessory is made of 925 sterling silver and cubic zicron which is enhanced with a gemstone like a gem in the middle. 

This pendant necklace will give a beautiful and charming impression to anyone who wears it. 

Apart from that, at Cannices Stores ID you can get this pendant necklace at a low price, starting from IDR 27,550. 

4. Almira Store – Women’s Beaded Accessories 

cheapest supplier of women's accessories
Source: Evermos Catalog

Beaded accessories were popular in the 90s and are back in trend in the fashion industry today. 

In fact, not only women, men also like to use beaded accessories.

Do you also like wearing beaded accessories? At Almira Store you can get various contemporary beaded accessories. 

Starting from necklaces to bracelets, Almira Store provides accessories made from iron combined with beautiful crystal beads. 

This beaded accessory is put together with a chain rope that is sturdy and does not break easily. 

You can get these bead accessories starting from just IDR 11,000. 

5. JZ – Women’s Bracelet Accessories – Girls’ Hair Accessories 

cheapest supplier of women's accessories
Source: Evermos Catalog

One of the women’s accessories that will make your appearance more fashionable and stylish is a sparkling bracelet. 

This bracelet is suitable for teenagers to adults to complete everyday looks or important events. 

You can get these accessories at the JZ shop with quality materials and various variations, from gold, silver, to rose gold.

Apart from bracelets, the JZ shop also provides children’s accessories such as flower headbands and characters. 

You can get women’s accessories at the JZ shop with prices starting from IDR 11,000. 

Those are some recommendations for the cheapest women’s accessories from the Guide team. 

Come on, complete various collections of trendy, contemporary accessories via the Evermos application. 

Apart from that, you can also offer other everyday products through the Evermos catalog to get commissions of up to millions of rupiah every month.

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